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Soap Supplies

When it comes to the concept of soap supplies, you first need to glean some form of understanding on soap per se. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to soap supplies, there are certain aspects such as how it is made and also produced, which is something of relative importance. All in all, when choosing soap supplies you need to be sure that the products are of excellent quality. The honest fact here is that when choosing soap supplies, you could end up […]

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Soap Making Supplies

What lot of people do not realize is that soap certainly has an illustrious history. What lot of people do not understand is the fact that soap can be traced back to both the Greek and Roman civilizations. All in all, this may seem like a surprise but this process is something that has evolved into something that is scientific in this day and age. In order to make the proper type of soap, you need to ensure that you have soap making supplies. When it comes […]

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Soap Ingredients

Soap has been around for centuries. Earliest evidence of soap comes from Babylonia, when they found clay cylinders containing a substance similar to soap in 2800 BC. And moreover a clay tablet containing an inscription of a formula for soap including soap ingredients were also found in Babylonia in 2200 BC. Additionally there is historical evidence from Egypt, Phoenicia, Rome, France, Germany, and Arab countries indicating the existence of soap in their cultures. In the middle ages, the two main soap ingredients were animal fat and lye […]

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