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Soap Ingredients

Soap has been around for centuries. Earliest evidence of soap comes from Babylonia, when they found clay cylinders containing a substance similar to soap in 2800 BC. And moreover a clay tablet containing an inscription of a formula for soap including soap ingredients were also found in Babylonia in 2200 BC. Additionally there is historical evidence from Egypt, Phoenicia, Rome, France, Germany, and Arab countries indicating the existence of soap in their cultures. In the middle ages, the two main soap ingredients were animal fat and lye […]

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Natural Soap

Even though natural soap and synthetic ones are generally thought to be the same, merely because they partake in the same function, there are several differences between them. To begin with, natural soap is made of naturally occurring ingredients such as citrus fruits, strawberries, herbs, barks, etc, combined with natural fats, but synthetics are made of petroleum. Because of their key ingredients, natural soaps and synthetic soaps affect our bodies very differently. Why? – Artificial or synthetic soap and detergents contain harmful preservatives and antibacterial agents to […]

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